If it’s true that “some people have lives, other people have music” as someone said, well I am very much proud to belong to the latter. I always think in music. My whole life – being the rhythm of my steps when I walk or run, or the expression of love, enthusiasm, sadness, sarcasm or daydreaming – revolves totally around music.

My very first memory, as bright as if it happened two minutes ago, is me at four years old being left speechless by the perfection of a certain “Yesterday” by The Beatles, those who became the greatest influencers of my tempo.

Nothing else has ever had such an impact in my life as music did, still does and forever will do. It in fact helped me develop my love for researching, for learning, for reading. Music trained my ear, strengthened my sense of rhythm and challenged me writing songs, creating melodies and learning how to play (the latest, a borrowed ukulele from a friend!). My deep love, study and respect for music made me develop a strong culture of art – and that’s one of the things I am most proud of. Music is the real universal: main ingredient of every little detail of everyday life in every corner of the world.

Since when I started playing guitar at seven years old, I have always brought mine along with me everywhere. Now I have five guitars, and they’re all pieces of me. So, because my guitars are the best definition of myself, I decided to portrait them, in what can be seen as an ideal vol. II of the Identikit photo essay.

Words | Photography: Rosamaria Filograsso

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