During the many thunderstorms that unexpectedly caught me, Madrid turned into a huge watercolour painting seen upside down from the countless puddles that the rain created, and magnified by the sumptuousness of its white buildings and the cleanness of its streets. Not bad, I must admit.

The background sound of my five days stay was pleasant too, it was after all chitchat and laughs shared by people of all age in the countless independent bars and cafés that each and every corner of the city offers. It was the perfect reminder how how strong the food & drink culture is in Madrid, along with the cozy atmosphere of wanting to always feel at home away from home. The food-and-drink-loving residents are never shy to add themselves as precious company while enjoying some delicious tapas and a caña, and I couldn’t help but think of the countless similarities I found between Apulia’s culture and the Madrid one: food habits, language and the respect for the strangers are much closer than I thought! What an incredible history lesson.

These pictures show Madrid the way I experienced it and how it overwhelmed me with its strong colors, bold weather and big (sometimes surprising, just like with the conservatory in Atocha station) spaces. When in Madrid, I loved to get lost throughout different neighborhoods, surrounded by icy-white buildings, hugged by wind and kissed by (heavy) rain.

Cities always change, and I saw Madrid is no exception: it feels it is entering in fact a new phase although still maintaining its bright and loud spirit – having the ability to transform surely means having superpower in times like these.

Words | Photography: Rosamaria Filograsso

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