It is always very sad for me to acknowledge how under-appreciated the island of Lampedusa has been and still is… I wish I could change this narrative. There is so much beauty in each and every smallest Sicilian corner that a trip over there should happen at least once in a lifetime. It will create addiction, I guarantee. There is so much, too much, I love about Sicily, its islands and its beautiful culture over there, that I struggle to explain with words. So I let my camera do the talking.

Lampedusa is at the same level of North Africa, so dryness is a keyword here. The land over there is really earth, the sun is the fiercest you could ever feel and swimming in that sea is like flying in a sky of blue. It is a beautiful, small, dazzling planet where alien-like flowers and plants and greeneries grow onto yellow and orange rocks. What a scene!

detail of the rounded plants and greenery that grows on the rocks of the island of lampedusa
detail of some green plants growing on the rocks of lampedusa
details of orange coloured rocks of lampedusa and some spiky yellow and green plants
detail of spiky plants growing on the island of lampedusa
details of the plants growing on the island of Lampedusa
detail of dried roots on the earth on the island of lampedusa

Words | Photography : Rosamaria Filograsso

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