posters advertising tours of the seven aeolian islands of lipari, salina, vulcano, stromboli, alicudi, filicudi, panarea


I can’t even quite begin to describe what gems the Aeolian islands are. Sure, I can’t count the whole world among my travel destinations but Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Alicudi, Stromboli and Filicudi are the most beautiful and unique places I have ever seen (they also happen to be UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000).

Film-worthy landscapes, the bluest and clearest – ever! – sea, black sand, unforgettable and moving sunsets, beautiful little harbours, traffic-free streets (mules are means of transport), unspoilt nature, Stromboli’s eructions, picture-perfect villages, breathtaking slopes. The list of what will leave you speechless in those seven Sicilian jewels is endless…

What struck me the most was to experience seven islands that, although they are near each other, they are completely different from one another. To me, Aeolian Islands are the living proof of the perfect alchemy of the four elements. Of all the hundreds pictures I took, I decided to pay homage to this amazingly small piece of world representing it with its own water, fire*, air, earth.

boats fishing in the sea of the aeolian islands
the mud of the aeolian island of Vulcano

* here fire appears as the sulphur mud of the mud pool in Vulcano.

Sunset over lipari, salina, vulcano, stromboli, alicudi, filicudi, panarea, the small aeolian islands
lipari, salina, vulcano, stromboli, alicudi, filicudi, panarea are the small aeolian islands with few white houses

Words | Photography : Rosamaria Filograsso

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