I still got my very first classic guitar book, the Julio Sagreras with the orange cubist-ish cover and all the notes from my teacher. I bought it when I was seven years and I remember I felt very proud to be studying guitar. Other things I keep safe and sound at home are the notebooks where I used to write all my songs during my teenage and university years. They are placed in a secluded shelf of the library.

I set up a part of my library dedicated to my beloved Beatles vinyl records. Most of them were bought by my dad when I was a little girl, the others are second-hand findings instead. When I was a teenager (but in younger times also) I loved spending almost every Sunday morning to the flea market in Trani or in Barletta or anywhere else nearby with daddy because we bought lots and lots of records, music I didn’t know but that I was so curious about. I still remember the excitement I had while choosing them from the beauty of the cover. And when back home, the thrill of starting the vinyl, new music to discover, uncharted territory to explore. Daddy and I have always been avid music listeners, we really did buy music of all sorts, of all genres. The vinyl I cherish the most is one I stole from my uncle and it’s a Beatles’ one. But my greatest treasure is Paul McCartney autograph. I queued from 6:30 am to 6.30 pm to have it and that was the very first time I missed a class in Uni. Well that was also the day when I felt like the happiest person on planet earth.

I also own three fantastic trophies, unexpected-but-expected Christmas gifts of the last couple of years engraved with my running personal bests. Running is something I started a couple of years ago, mostly to raise awareness on multiple sclerosis, a disease that touches me because my sister has it. Although running is so hard, I’ve learnt to embrace the difficulty it brings and to enjoy the strength that it makes me gain. Not to mention the extra glasses of wine I do enjoy without feeling guilty!

I am a Moleskine accumulator: I got all of them since the first classic black I bought while starting to work. While I always sticked to a black or a red one, now I tend to buy each of them in a different colour. And it’s strange because if fashion-wise I am gravitating towards classical cuts and silhouettes, I am very much attracted by eccentricity on the accessory side. I think it is my personal way to get older, maybe a sort of incomplete “middle age crisis”.

Ninety per cent of my space is occupied by photography books. Like I said before, I am a professional accumulator, and books and cameras are my guilty pleasures. They are all matter of study to me, I take photography very seriously because I want to improve my skills and I want to train my eye. And there’s no better way than to immerse yourself in the work of the greatest artists if you want to learn. They say that the first rule of being creative is to “surround yourself with creative people” and that’s exactly what I do, via my books.

I shot these photographs not with the aim to give a representation of myself but to present myself instead. Does a place where you truly are yourself really exist? It does and it’s called home. Home is the embodiment of “private place” where each one is free and acts in a carefree way. So in this photo essay I let home be my self-portrait. Through my camera I give “voice” to my favorite objects to testify who I am, what I love to do in my spare time, where do I make my imagination flow, which music I enjoy listening to and how I do that, etc. It’s a way to show my present, as well as my past and future intersected together.

Words | Photography : Rosamaria Filograsso

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