For me, there’s something about the casual chaos of leftovers on tables. Being posh restaurants, picnic tables or bar counters, I am utterly attracted by the perfect imperfection of food remains after the rest has been consumed. I think there’s something both nostalgic and romantic at the very same time, a sort of reminder of how beautiful simple things are.

So, being the coffee snob I am, as well as the one who always lingers over her coffee, I decided to portray coffee leftovers in different bars. Shot on a warm spring morning in Barletta, I had some fun time engaging in the most surreal conversations with strangers asking questions about why I was shooting what was garbage in their own mind…

a detail of an orange bar table and chair with a black shadow in barletta

a coffee on a white table with an orange chair in Barletta
an empty bar table with four chairs in Barletta
red climbing flowers on a white wall with wooden chairs in barletta
a green and iron bar table with its chairs with a finished coffee and sugar
an ampty white bar table and chairs in Barletta surrounded by green leaves

Words | Photography : Rosamaria Filograsso

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