Nothing up here should came as a surprise to anyone: I am an indulgent eater whenever I’m back home. Which meaning would life have, otherwise?

Open air, sea breeze, long walks, chitchats… if summer brings giggles I like to add some flavour to them, being it sweet or salty!

The art of Barletta is all about making the best focaccia, challenging you to eat it without making any tomato fall on the ground. It’s a skill you’ll want to master (believe me), and that takes a lot of practice (luckily).

Another ability you’ll want to lead is to tackle the endless list of “come have a coffee” invitations from brand new or old friends. Accepting or offering a coffee in Barletta is like saying the best “hello!”, it’s the biggest deal. Always say yes to coffee. And to ice-cream! Opt for an ice cream parlor that homemakes the waffle and… go bold – no regrets here.

Food photography is difficult to master, even more if you’re not in any studio with the proper equipment. These are simple still life attempts to capture the traditional cuisine of my city Barletta as well as its coffee habits. I went as closer as I can, with the aim to photographically capture the texture of the food because, in my opinion, texture is that unique element that makes it look interesting – and yummy.

Words | Photography Rosamaria Filograsso

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