Genoa has tangled and narrow alleys in the Old Town. The city truly is labyrinthine and claustrophobic but in a good way, so that getting lost throughout was a pleasure (although, having I zero sense of direction, I thank goodness I was not alone, otherwise you would have found me lost there, still now).

Losing the way everywhere (an art I master) always grants me the sight of picturesque, unexpected and beautiful situations, and Genoa had plenty to offer to a wanderer like me.

But the city perfectly counterbalances its obscure alleys with the openness and vastity of two gems: the Spianata-Castelletto viewpoint and the harbour. It’s a triality that spoke so much to me: the dark Old Town, the majesty of sunsets from the belvedere and the infinite space along the harbour quays.

A street photograph showing the old street caruggi from below in the old city of Genoa
People walking with a dog in caruggi the old town of Genoa
A street photograph that shows caruggi streets in the old town of Genoa
people walking and one man staring at a shop in the carruggi the old town of Genoa
a detail of caruggi the old town of genoa
A detail of one building with yellow windows in the old town of Genoa
A biker goes on the street of the old town of Genoa
a man exiting an old shop in the old town of Genoa
the sunset over the city of genoa from the panoramic point called Belvedere CAstelletto
The sunset of the city of Genoa as seen from the panoramic point of the Belvedere Castelletto
A detail of the building in Genoa of the lift that brings people to the panoramic point of the city called Belvedere Castelletto
White boats are seen from the above standing on the water of the old harbour of the city of Genoa
The old harbour of Genoa seen from above
A moody photography of the Genoa old harbour showing some boats and its peculiar architecture by Renzo Piano

Words | Photography: Rosamaria Filograsso

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