It was a warm Sunday morning when I went to Paestum, probably one of the most underestimated jewels on this planet. As soon as I arrived I was welcomed by a magnificent temple (three of the most well preserved ancient Greek temples in the world are there in Paestum), so grand I had to stop for a while and take a deep breath of excitement.

How. Beautiful.

The site was almost empty, I think that’s because it is not the easiest to reach (unfortunately), and the lack of human presence plus the extent of the place itself made the situation quite otherworldly.

I really longed to see Paestum: it was the missing piece after having been to Pompeii and Ercolano in the past; I had the biggest expectations that – of course – weren’t disappointed.

It’s always surreal to imagine life in times like 550 b.C., and the dimensions of the temples, of the site itself, of the remainings of streets and houses, of the assembly space etc. really made me repeat “it’s incredible” every other minute.

Columns of an ancient Greek temple in Paestum
Details of bricks in the ancient site of Paestum
A landscape image of the ancient site of Paestum with a temple in the background
An ancient greek temple in Paestum with some trees in the foreground
View of Paestum with an ancient temple in the background
Walls of a house in the site of Paestum
A tree and some columns of an ancient Greek temple in Paestum
details of columns of one of the three ancient Greek temples in Paestum

Photography | Words : Rosamaria Filograsso

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