If you think you know a certain place, go visit it at dawn and it’ll seem brand new. That’s what exactly happened last time I visited Barletta, or motherland as I playfully like to call it.

Sure, the absence of any noise in the early hours may be the biggest difference towards any crowded rest-of-the-day, however there are other elements that catch my attention.

Space is the first. Because it looks wider and grants me to notice details, similarities and proportions that the presence of people distracts me from. Street scenes are calmer and appear softer. All around a triumph of cream, white, taupe and yellow-ish hues. Sneaking through its small streets in the historic centre, playing hide and seek with stray cats, getting guided by the sound of the sea – everything looks like a completely different universe.

On a typical early morning weekday the smell of coffee gets mixed with the scent of food. Early risers are in fact of two kinds: there’s who cooks (grandmothers’ business!) and who enjoys some precious caffeine time in a bar. Alone, maybe surrounded by some sea breeze. Well, the latter being typical me when I play early bird…

Barletta is quite the sparkling city, and many times I captured its soul while fully awake. This time instead I turned my attention to its sleepy side, finding a sleeping beauty.

Words | Photography : Rosamaria Filograsso

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