I’m doing my very best to produce my first worst 10,000 photographs*! It’s hard, and harder than one can imagine. I walk, have a look around, wait for something to happen (better if unexpected), click the shutter and start all over again. Street photography is a lesson in humility as well as in building patience, because almost every time I am back home with 0 good pictures. But that’s ok. After all the reason I love photography is because it urges you to wander around discovering things and making uninteresting moments, interesting.

Not to forget relations! Because going out to photograph means long talks with strangers on the the most bizarre topics, or from politics to music, from history to personal stories.

I took these photos few weeks ago, during one of the first spring-ish days. I didn’t have particular goals to achieve, if not capturing a glimpse of a serene afternoon, far from the rush hours. I was seeking the simple actions of normal lives. Just like catching the bus, parking a car or playing in the park. Because there is beauty in everything, and everything is photographable.


* “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” said Henri Cartier-Bresson


A street photograph showing two children climbing a tree in a park in the city of Milan
A street photograph showing some car doors open in the city of Milan
A street photograph showing some people standing by at the bus stop in the city of Milan
A street photograph showing reflections of a car some buildings and trees on the streets of Milano

Photography | Words: Rosamaria Filograsso

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