There and Not There

You experience different feelings of closeness and distance towards the place where you spent your childhood when you left it to live somewhere else. A case of true mixed emotions and discovery. So, every time I am back I enjoy strolling through Barletta’s intricate little streets and find out corners, details, crumbs of life that I am only allowed as a viewer by now.

Leaving my parents’ home has meant feeling a deeper and stronger affection, as well as connection, to the city that has seen me growing up and becoming adult – in another place. Or, probably, it’s just myself getting older and a little bit sentimental…

It’s with this in mind that I explain the idea behind this photo essay. Here, I wanted to capture this sense of “distant presence” that happens when you feel near and far at the very same time. Scenes are wide for a sense of openness and to create a sort of virtual hug.

Words | Photography : Rosamaria Filograsso

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