Visiting Genoa without going to the aquarium…everybody would say there’s clearly something wrong, so I bought the ticket. Having always been quite scared by all animals (from midges on… I KNOW, WHAT CAN I DO) I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but in my case curiosity always wins so I had to oblige.

Now, having spent four (maybe five) hours in there, I can tell you that visiting an aquarius is all about enjoying colours, the most luminous, shinier and beautiful ones. Forget the fishes, the penguins, the dolphins, the seahorses etc… aquarius means “house of all colours”, there’s no other logical explanation.

Obviously I wasn’t well prepared for an experience like that, so I hope this selection of photos makes enough justice to the amazing underwater rainbow I happily experienced.

A pink jellyfish swimming in the Genoa aquarium
A blue long and thin jellyfish swims in the dark water of the Genoa aquarium
One big pink jellyfish and some other jellyfishes in the water of the Genoa aquarium
Yellow and orange small fishes swimming in the water of the Genoa aquarium
Starfishes of the Genoa aquarium

Words | Photography: Rosamaria Filograsso

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