Rosamaria Filograsso, marketer, communication and branding professional, photographer
Hello and welcome!

I am a photographer, branding expert and communications strategist based in Milan, Italy.

At heart, I am a storyteller who uses imagery and words to shape compelling brand narratives that resonate with people.

Over my career to date I’ve helped big and small companies to successfully tell and position their brand stories across different markets and media outlets, both digital and offline.

From creative direction to brand strategy, from concept development to a solid research and understanding of the audience I am addressing, from photography to copywriting, I am combining my 15+ years of experience in marketing with my passion for photography, with the mission to create a trustworthy brand communication using thoughtfully curated and relatable content empowered by a strong visual curiosity.

With a professionale background in marketing and economics, I’ve worked my way up from positioning brands to segmenting audiences, to strategising how to connect people with brands, so I have always gravitated around photography and its unique power to communicate barrier-less on a global level in this very much crowded digital-driven world.

That’s why I am a passionate, self-taught and unusual photographer: because I didn’t decide to be a photographer, it was photography that found and chose me.

Although I firmly believe that “all things are photographable” (quoting Garry Winogrand), over the years I evolved my interest towards street,  editorial, travel, still-life and lifestyle photography. They continuously challenge me to learn new skills and techniques.

Thank you very much for dedicating me your time and hopefully your interest in working together setting up a creative communications strategy.

Click here for contact details and here to see a selection of my photographic works.

Any editorial or commercial inquiries are welcome. I am available worldwive.